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Digitally Transforming the Enterprise Sector

Enterprises are undergoing major transformational changes, shifting towards digital processes. They aim for faster communication within the organization, efficient and effective training and skill development strategies, and rise in performance standards.

Internal Multi-Location Meetings

Large companies with multiple branch offices are required to stay connected and hold meetings to review branch-wise sales and review performance of every department. Managers and other key stakeholders are all required to be present at such important meetings.

Virtual Training Using VLMS

An enterprise invests heavily in employee training and skill development programs. Each department requires training in various fields like communication, sales and marketing, and time management to name a few. The same training methodology has to be implemented across all branches of the organization.

AppSavi’s Acumen is a vLMS that is scalable and focuses on simplifying training across the organization. Trainers can teach, hand out assignments, and support learners who in turn can access courses online, interact with peers, and engage in social and informal learning.

Remote Interviews

Global organizations are constantly expanding bases and recruiting new employees simultaneously. Combing for fresh talent, screening thousands of applicants and conducting interviews poses a massive challenge.

AppSavi’s InstaVC is a video conferencing software that offers multi-party conferencing, unmistakable audio clarity and video quality of up to 4K, and the ability to function on bandwidth as low as 20kbps. It is the perfect solution for conducting interviews involving multiple parties.

CMS & Lecture Capture

The challenge in recording training sessions for live or later distribution and remote viewing necessitates having in place a hardware and software solution that can reliably and cleanly capture information and stream it.

AppSavi has the hardware and software to do this namely specialty LT cameras, high-end camera control systems, automated camera tracking system. AppSavi InstaCast automates session capture. It is a presenter-controlled camera system incorporating both monitor-based tracking and camera preset tracking.

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