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Choosing how best to handle your business’s IT needs is a big decision, one that can either hinder or advance you professionally. Before you learn any more about Managed Services you should understand how it compares to the competition.
There are two alternatives to Managed Services:
The Break-Fix Model: The practice of only calling in IT professionals when there is a problem, or when an upgrade is needed.
In-House IT: Employing a designated IT staff or person within your company to take care of all your technology needs.
What they each have to offer, and how they compare to Managed Services, are as different as night and day. Break-Fix is a widely dismissed model that can be completely replaced by Managed Services, whereas In-House IT and Managed Services actually play off each other very nicely. Digging a little deeper into each will help you make a wiser IT decision in the long run.

The Breakifix model is simply the idea that when a piece of technology “breaks” you call someone to “fix” it. The rest of the time you cross your fingers and hope everything will be fine. Hoping is not a good business model though, which is why 60% of IT providers have moved from a Break-Fix model to Managed Services.

The Break-fix model charges users for consultation, repairs made, and hourly labor. It is impossible to budget for unforeseen issues, and there is no real way for you to know if you are paying a fair price. There are also no preventative measures being taken to avoid future problems, so with Break-Fix, you are leaving yourself open to surprise costs.
Managed Services come at a fixed monthly price, so instead of worrying about surprise costs every month, you can easily budget for your IT needs. Most MSPs do require a contract, which can deter some customers. It is important to remember that a contract is just as beneficial to the customer as it is to the provider. An MSP contract will ensure that you’re not only covered in an emergency but that your provider will work to prevent one from occurring altogether.

In-House IT
In-House IT, unlike Break-Fix, is widely seen as a great option in the IT world. There is something comforting about having someone on-site, and anyone who has ever had to call a product support line can tell you that sometimes face-to-face interaction is preferable.
Many companies have an IT department, or even just one designated IT, person. In many cases, In-House IT and Managed Services work in perfect harmony. In fact, a CompTIA survey found that only 6 percent of companies who adopted Managed Services laid off any IT staff. There are a variety of benefits that come from a partnership with a Managed Services Provider