The New DocuSign Phishing Campaign

Wilmington International Airport desires a fully outsourced IT management provider to provide
proactive maintenance, support, and other IT related functions.
This is something of a departure and it allows those who orchestrate phishing campaigns to target a significantly larger pool of potential victims.
The reason behind the shift in focus is easy enough to understand.

Initial Assessment
Compile/update inventory of all IT related assets. Assess system architecture and current processes and make recommendations for improved IT system performance.

Desktop Applications Support
Performance of basic support functions, including the installation of PC’s, laptops, printers, peripherals and software; training and educating users; diagnosis and
correction of desktop application problems; configuring of PC’s and laptops for standard applications; identification and correction of user hardware problems, with advanced
troubleshooting as needed. Assist designated ILM personnel with hardware and software purchases as needed. Assist with warranty and other technical support.
Maintain an up-to-date inventory of ILM’s computer related hardware.

Server Administration
Manage computer network and associated hardware, software, communications, and operating system necessary for the quality, security, performance, availability,
recoverability, and reliability of the system. Monitor server performance and capacity management services. Ensure scheduled preventive maintenance for equipment is
promptly and properly preformed; maintain the maintenance records on the equipment; develop operations, administrative and quality assurance back-up plans and
procedural documentation. Set up new users and edit or remove existing users in the environment to be sure that users have proper access or restrictions as may apply to
ILM data files.

Network Administration
Scope of activity includes all ILM equipment including switches, firewalls, routers,wireless access points, and other security devices. Primary maintenance including
regular analysis, routine configuration changes, and installation of patches and upgrades. Manage backup and disaster recovery systems. The scope also includes
primary installation of network printers, scanners, and copiers, to include those being used locally. Complete proactive monitoring of network equipment including
bandwidth utilization, and other performance indicators, with reporting when specified thresholds are reached. Maintain ILM campus-wide network diagram.

Security and Backup
Maintenance of virus/malware detection and spam reduction programs on ILM’s servers, email, computers and laptops. Perform periodic security audits and notify ILM
IT personnel immediately of suspected breaches of security or intrusion detection. The scope also includes a data backup policy with procedures in place to handle daily,
weekly and monthly backup of the computer data and information, and email (8 users as required by public information laws); procedure to restore systems and data if
servers go down and/or individual computers fail.

Strategic Planning
Engineering, planning, and design services for major system enhancements, including installations and upgrades of new or existing systems. Examples include major server
upgrades, storage system upgrades, redesign of backup systems, etc. Provide technical leadership for server technology issues. Make recommendations for future purchasing
and technology needs. Keep ILM up to date on new technology changes and uses that will enable ILM to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Install new servers, software
and hardware and transfer data when required. Strategic planning, design and installation/upgrade of core network systems. Assist with policy formulation and

Onsite Support
Provide regular scheduled onsite support to address hardware and software issues. Additional onsite support may be needed for major projects.

End User Training
Provide training for various technology as needed. This would normally be for common software or hardware used in a business setting or new equipment installed. This can
be at the request of ILM or when a need is identified by the vendor.