Bring Your Own Device

Enable BYOD to increase productivity

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Enable employee productivity with BYOD


Increased Productivity

Working on device of their own choice, satisfied employees can help deliver higher productivity.



Anytime anywhere access to business applications & desktops provides employees flexibility.


Reduced Costs

Enterprises no more have to bear device maintenance costs for software, replenishments etc.


Data Security

Centralization of business applications & desktops leaves no data trace on employee endpoints.


AppSavi enabled BYOD

BYOD- Bring your own device is one of the paradigms shifts to have captured interest of enterprises and employees alike. Companies are sensing an inevitable change into the future of enterprise computing. Employees prefer working on a device of their choice however, protection of business data along-with provisioning of business applications on different devices becomes a concern for an enterprise. If these concerns are addressed, companies are happy to adopt BYOD since it helps them improve employee productivity & satisfaction, reduce considerable costs & time spent on provisioning business applications. To help companies maintain business continuity while adopting BYOD, workspace virtualization from AppSavi helps achieve mobility while fulfilling security compliances.