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Video Conferencing Government Solutions

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Digitally Transforming the Government Sector

Government Video Conferencing Solutions

The government sector is ready for the introduction of technological solutions that will help improve governance. There is a need for better decisions making with fewer resources. BYOD, remote work, and mobility trends are making rapid inroads into the sector. Video conferencing can take care of these requirements while also reducing operational costs.

Inter-Departmental Collaboration

There are multiple government agencies that need to work in tandem in order to deliver efficient and effective government services. The challenge therefore is to facilitate clear communication and collaboration between departments. A simple and effective video conferencing solution empowers government staff in different locations to collaborate via virtual meeting and simultaneously cut-out transit cost.

AppSavi provides several software and hardware solutions that provides just such a real-life setup.

Inter-Departmental Collaboration
Judicial Processes Video Conferencing

Judicial Processes

Another challenge is to facilitate judicial processes which touch upon issues such as cost, efficiency, and most importantly security. This necessitates having in place hardware and software that can reliably and securely facilitate judicial processes.

AppSavi offers hardware and software to cope up with these challenges. A highly unique and valuable feature that we offer is the “Six Channel Video Mixer inbuilt”.

Communicating And Addressing Citizen Grievances

People are not always close to a government office to enable them to present their grievances. This necessitates the need for a technology solution that will enable people to interact with government staff.

AppSavi has innovative solutions such as V-FIR, V-Mulakat, and V-Panchayat that provide an ideal solution for facilitating this communication.

Communicating And Addressing Citizen Grievances
Virtual Training And Learning Using VLMS

Virtual Training And Learning Using VLMS

AppSavi solves the problem of bridging the gap between educators/trainers and learners. The technologies applied transform the traditional brick and mortar training room into a global learning platform. Students can learn directly from the experts on various subjects, ask questions and collaborate with peers without shifting base.

AppSavi Acumen is a vLMS with virtual collaboration platform that makes teaching-learning beyond geographical borders a reality. Now, government staff can attend lectures from anywhere and access course materials at their convenience.

No IT Management Required

Start with Simple Plug and Play
All the hardware products are USB based that enables for simple plug-in and software solution helps to start the meeting with single click, no download required.

Control room remotely
Manage the room remotely by the ability to control the camera, lighting system, blinds , microphones and speakers.

Share the content instantly
No need to struggle for cords and cables anymore- wirelessly share the content from your device to any device instantly.

Talks well with other Solutions
Additional infrastructure investment is not required as both hardware and software solutions integrate effortlessly with legacy endpoints/systems and enterprise applications.

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