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“Managed services” most commonly refer to an outsourced IT service provider overseeing and managing your IT solutions. IT solutions overseen and managed by a managed services provider (MSP) typically include networks and servers, software and technology infrastructures, data backup systems, and overall network security and risk management.

Outsourcing management of these systems through “managed services,” otherwise known as managed IT services, means you receive more extensive round-the-clock monitoring and support without the cost of a comparably-devoted internal hire.

What is Included in Managed Services?

Each managed services provider offers a different range of services, so it’s important to look over your agreement carefully to make sure you have an agreed-upon understanding of what is expected of your managed services expert. These services may include:

Network testing and monitoring
Overseeing network security & risk mitigation
Connectivity and bandwidth
Providing data storage
Managing installations and upgrades
Suggesting and implementing software patches
Providing web hosting
Network provisioning or virtualization
Performance monitoring and reporting
Providing help desk technical support